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The objective for the MAC Acceleration program is to shorten the curve for new leaders, either new to the organization or new to position. Helping them move quickly from Planning to Contributing.  The more quickly a leader moves into the contributing zone, the more value they add to the organization and the more job fulfillment they experience.

Research from Gallup and Center for American Progress state that executive turnover can cost the organization as much as 213% of the annual salary paid to a typical executive.  Positions that are in the $50K salary range can cost up to 20% of the annual salary.  The costs include a combination of recruiting costs, training, lost productivity, lost engagement, and cultural impact.

Another concern is the degree of difficulty that accompanies the change. There are varying degrees of difficulty from being promoted to a new job with the same manager to the pinnacle of difficulty when a new leader or key position starts a new job, a new profession and a new company all at once.  Setting up new leaders for success is critical for both the organization and the new leader.

The MAC Acceleration Program includes individual coaching sessions that are sponsored by the organization to facilitate joint goal identification for the period of assimilation.  The MAC Acceleration process also includes two team sessions; one that allows for relevant historical information sharing and one that is a follow up session that focuses on go forward actions that can help quicken the transition. On site observations are also included to allow for team dynamic and cultural discovery. Pre and Post facilitated sessions with key stakeholders to help identify success factors needed.  Reports are also provided as to data that is relevant to the key stakeholders.

MAC Corporate New Leader Accelerator Program shortens the line from Planning to Contributing saving the organization time and money and can increase the executive’s engagement. Having leaders that start off on the right foot then build a solid foundation is where the MAC New Leader Accelerator Program works in partnership with the organization’s strategy – so that you achieve the level of effectiveness needed to make the greatest impact.

I invite you to access my calendar directly <Click Here>to schedule time to find out how much the MAC Acceleration program can help you reach goals more quickly and increase organization effectiveness.